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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Woodstock 100 Ride Report - 04/12/2008

Woodstock is a budget tour bicycle ride organized by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits. I have not ridden this particular ride before. My friend Ashley from Wheeling, WV and Jonny and his dad joined me for the ride. I would have to estimate about 50 people showed up, but I may be low in my estimate.

The Jersey Baptist Church on Morse Road is the start point for the ride. The route took us clockwise through the following cities; Galena, Sunbury, Delaware, Kilbourne, Centerburg and Johnstown.

Ashley and I set our pace and rode consistently until the last 25 miles. When we turned south from Centerburg the wind smacked us right in the face. Before Centerburg our average was over 15 mph. Our final average was 14.5 mph. 10-20mph wind gusts hit us dead on or pushed us away from the berm towards the center of road. I was coasting down a small hill and the wind slowed me down to below 10mph. Very frustrating. Jonny said that he would rather ride through fire than face headwinds.

We lost Jonny and his dad in Galena when they experienced a flat. Jonny said he tried to catch us for 50-60 miles but gave up. It was probably because we were riding way faster than Jonny. Not!

We finished with 103 miles. Averaged 14.5mph. Temp was 45-48 degrees. Sprinkled rain early on and towards the end of the ride.

Photo-op: We made a pitstop across from a rooster farm so I could stretch my legs (not because it was a rooster farm, but because my knee was killing me). You can see in the picture a field of barrels and each barrel has a rooster chained to it. Jonny said that the farmer waved at him when he rode by.


Anonymous said...

Official number of registered Woodstock riders was 207. Most riders stated they were doing the 54 mile route, due to headwinds and chance of rain.

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