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Monday, May 19, 2008

Pedal Pittsburgh 2008 Ride Report

I trekked over to Pittsburgh to ride Pedal Pittsburgh. 58 miles through the scenic and challenging hills. We averaged 11mph, but much of the ride is either climbing or riding through stop and go traffic on city streets. We started at Station Square and there were not many people. I don't think more than a few hundred people showed up. because it was cold, rainy and gloomy. First 10 miles or so it rained pretty steady.

Some highlights of the ride...

Riding downhill in a downpour with loose brakes and steel rims (Not me!)
Jonny and his clipless pedals sticking or unsticking.
Being chastised by a policewoman for not yielding to oncoming traffic
The rain - shoes filled with water
Brakes being repaired at Children's Museum stop (Not me!)
The many climbs to the parks
Mt. Washington overlooks

We passed some really cool architecture and neighborhoods.
Hot Metal Pedestrian Bridge
East Allegheny Commons
North Side and the Stadiums
Children's Museum
Rialto Street - part of the Dirty Dozen - we rode the top of the street
Riverview Park
The Cork Factory
The Pittsburgh Zoo
Highland Park
Fairfield Apartments
Shenley Park
South Side / Carson Street
Mt. Washington


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