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Sunday, June 15, 2008

14 on the 14th Ride Report

68 miles - averaged 15mph
We started with 6 people, lost one before the first cemetery but picked up two more at the first stop. Five of us rode the entire route. I had 75 miles for the evening. We picked up and lost a few riders as the night went on. So we may have had ten people ride some section. We reached all but one of the cemeteries and stopped at the ice cream shop, The only cemetery we missed was the Feebleminded Cemetery in Franklinton. We shot straight down McKinley to the Franklinton Cemetery, which is where Sullivant has a obelisk commemorating his contribution to the city.

The map shows our approximate route. We may have picked some different streets to get to some of the cemeteries but it is pretty close. We rode west, then north and east to Westerville. Down south to Alum Creek (stopped at Kroger for supplies) and headed west south of downtown over the Franklinton.

It was a great ride, the weather was hot at the beginning but became pleasant toward the end of the evening as the sun went down. For fun we stopped at COSI on the river side and weighed ourselves individually and as a group. It is pretty cool. We should stop on a night ride and weight ourselves.


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