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Monday, June 23, 2008

Check out One Car Motorcade

I met Matt through a friend. His band is releasing an album and you can listen to some tracks on Myspace.

Here is some info from the page...

The members of One Car Motorcade have been friends since high school and have played music together on and off over the years. Somewhere in the mid aughts, life took them away from making music, but not from maintaining their friendships. Sometime in the late summer of 2007, they determined that the friendships were OK, but what they really missed was making music. So they got together for a jam session and before they knew it, an album was written. The idea was just to have fun and write some cool rock ‘n’ roll songs without taking themselves too seriously. However, they are just pretentious enough to have one of the band members write this bio in the third person. So here’s the myspace page – with photos taken by Jennifer Schaaf and music produced by Rick May. The six songs on this page are from the self titled album which is currently being pressed. We will provide info on how to get a copy when the time comes, along with any gigs once they are booked. Enjoy what you hear and keep visiting this site for more info. Or just call the guys, cause, let’s face it, you’re all just friends and family anyway, right?


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