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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6/09/2008 Ride Report

Some highlights...

Rode early with Pinky (Chris) got in a fast 12 miles. Averaged 18mph. We rode up the trail and encountered a snapping turtle hanging out in the center of the path. So we decided to be nice and move him/her. I burst out laughing when Pinky squealed like a little girl. We both were intimidated by it and used a stick to move it off the path. Snapping turtles have a lot of power in their jaw.

Stopped at bike polo to watch them play for a while. I learned not to ride close to walls. Matt showed off his wall burn on his leg. He got too close to a wall and ended up with wall (road) rash.

I guesstimate 40 people were there at the start. Casey led out toward the east. Somewhere along the way a bloody coup took place (only it ran Pink). We rode east toward the airport. I needed to leave early so I headed down south to the bar.

Total 28 miles.


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