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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6/17/2008 Ride Report

I want to estimate at least 70 people showed up. First headed down south, then west, then north. East, then headed up north and rode down Walhalla. Then headed north again to the Park of Roses? We had a mobile sound system providing music, pretty cool except he had it cranked up too loud and the music was blown out and distorted. The pace was one of the slowest I have ever been on. Then we bolted south on the trail then headed east toward the railroad tracks. As we headed south on High I pushed it to 30mph on the crest passed the convention center. South to Tip Top. Headed home after that. Our group put in around 25 miles.

Overall it wasn't one of the best evenings. I may consider skipping the ride for awhile. : (


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