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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wooden Bicycles

The link and story is here...


Louis.Garrett said...

I hope my next bike is a bamboo model from Calfee Design at

Craig Calfee, of San Fran, was Greg Lemond's personal builder, and pioneered the carbon fiber bike frame.

Now he's successfully marketed a $2700 bamboo frame in the west, while teaching citizens in Ghana to build low-cost bamboo bikes from local materials. From reading his blog, it seems like he's sharing all of his bamboo knowledge with the Village Bike Project, without regard to protecting his trade secrets.

But back at home, he's discouraged other western builders, like Daedalus Cycles, from hijacking his bamboo designs and techniques.

That seems like a pretty good balance of helping folks in need without giving away the farm to the competition.

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