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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7/8/2008 Ride Report

I want to estimate 60+ people showed up
The temp was in the mid 70's and very muggy.
We started out heading north on High and turned on Lane. From Lane we turned on Neil. Bad move. Right into construction and our first flat. The group headed east after the flat then turned north and popped out north of Clintonville. We had several other flats and several of us got separated from the group. We caught back up with them in Antrim Park. Then we headed north and east over to Cleveland Ave. The group, what was left of it broke into the sprinters and the escorters. I was in back with several of the slower riders. After they turned west we bolted for the High Beck. We passed other slower riders on the way.

35 mile ride. I posted 40.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, sounds like a riot with all those flats. 60+ people sounds like a great turn-out, though. I'm glad so many people are showing up.

May I suggest you post a link to the Sunday Night Ladies Ride? I'd love to raise awareness of the event. We meet every Sunday in front of Buckeye Donuts at 8pm, then leave around 8:30 for a two-hour ride. I put a link to the myspace in the URL field if you're interested in checking us out! Thank you, Ray.

-- Brittany

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