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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bike the C-Bus feedback

We are looking for feedback so that we can improve the experience for 2009. I have setup a separate blog to leave comments. Click here to comment.


Anonymous said...

i keep seeing the triangles as I cycle around town - they make me smile. thanks for organizing a great event.
do you think it would work to have people cycle in a big group (or 2 or 3 groups) together? then you only need a few people at the front/back who know the route and people wouldn't have to keep consulting the map.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fun ride, here's my 2 cents...

Street Makers:
Need improvement. Too small. Not visible enough especially with glare from the sun. I like the different colors though. Next year, maybe do one big fluorescent orange ring around the same style markers used this year.

The route:
The route was mostly ok. Good variety/mixture of urban, suburban (G.V., Vic. V.) and trail. Some of the roads seemed a little too busy/fast for enjoyable group riding (Sullivant?). Some roads were in bad condition: Potholes, had to watch out for broken glass. Not necessarily BtCbus's fault, but something to consider in the future.

Encountered some confusion and annoyances when the route crossed paths with the walkers (Heart Foundation?) and the folks participating in the Dog Run.
Spent alot of time clipping in an out for traffic lights, but that's just city riding.

A more organized start might've been nice. People just kinda started trickling out with no real indication given as when to start.

It seemed like a waste to wait for a long light when turning onto High St. at the Gateway (at 10th and High St.) when the route was only on High for just a couple blocks.

Thanks for the plentiful water and snack stops. Porta-potties seemed to few however. I expected restroom facilities at Schiller but there was no porta-john and the buildings were locked.

The graphic map lacked some detail. Next year, in addition to it, I'd lobby for a Google Map route that riders can study/zoom/print on their own.

Maybe next year the route could be more of a loop? I realize the organizers probably want to show off the city's core, but there could be some possible inclusions: Bexley? Grandview Heights? More ClintonVille? The trail along I-670? Trail along Alum Creek?

Everyone was super-friendly and helpful. I hope to do it again next year.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the ride but had a couple of thoughts.

1. Would be nice to start all at 9am in a large group in order to have move of a group ride.

2. I would eliminate some of the rest stops. Do fewer rest stops but with more events at them, e.g., after 7 miles have a rest stop with coffee and maybe some informational booths.

3. Eliminate the use of disposable water bottles. I did not realize that water bottles (empty ones) would be given at the start of the ride. I think that was a good idea. I would pre-announce that and then have water available for rinsing them out and filling them to be used on the ride.

4. I liked the street markers however they were a small and you had to be on the alert for them. Perhaps accompanying them with larger chalk markers would help. Also, having the ride be more of a group ride, a la, the MNRs, would almost make the markers a bit redundant.

5. In some ways it would be nice to have a later day ride so after its conclusion people could just get together and drink a bit, but then it is hotter. Does the ride have to necessarily overlap with the Long Street Tour? Could it be its own independent event?



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