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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brooks England Roll Up Panniers

A friend of mine installed a Brooks Saddle on her bike and it reminded me to post this cool product from Brooks. On a side note, I had an invite to the Brooks Saddle factory in Birmingham England while I was visiting my wife this summer. I did not go because the roundtrip cost with train and taxi would have been $100+!!! Instead I walked (what!) around Oxford England and toured the local bike shops.

Our Roll Up Panniers are inspired by the Cyclist’s Hold-alls, first featured in the 1890’s catalogue. As the originals, the new panniers can be rolled up or easily released when needed.
This pair of commuter bags for traditional transport bicycles is entirely made of water resistant cotton with leather finishing. On the top of the bag attachment to the bicycle rack these panniers feature a crossed elastic to fasten additional objects to carry during urban transit. Last, but not least, the Roll Up Panniers are “self closing”, as they feature magnets on the flaps.
Materials: water resistant fabric with leather finishing
Dimensions RIGHT or LEFT TOTAL
Width 34 cm
Height 36 cm
Depth 10 cm
Volume 14 l 28 l
Weight 950 g

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