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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Clippers Bike Ride Report

We decided it was best to ride to a Clippers game on bikes than try to park, so we headed over from the Franklin Park area straight through on Oak to Broad into Franklinton and finally to the stadium. We had 8 people in the group. We didn't make it to the game until the fourth inning because we had a few people who don't normally ride much, including my wife. It was really nice out until the storm clouds rolled in to the east. It sprinkled a little toward the end of the game. Clippers lost 4-3. It was dark when we headed back, so we rolled out the lights. We were actually stopped by a policeman on Oak because he didn't know what my light was attached to. I get that all the time. 12 miles round trip. My wife was a real trooper, although she started to slow down a bit toward the end. A great evening all around.


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