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Saturday, August 9, 2008

COP 21ST RIDGE RUNNER RAMBLE • Saturday, August 9 Recap

Evan and I rode the Ridge Runner ride. Evan decided to add some mileage for the day and rode from campus area. We picked the 52 mile route. Beautiful weather for the ride, 65 to start and ended in mid 70's. Many of the roads were newly paved which made for a fast first 25 miles. We averaged close to 20 miles an hour.

The highlights for the ride included a dead cat and a man we nicknamed the "mayor of Leetonia." As we passed a cyclist we pulled into the middle of the lane. A car passed us and crossed over to the other side and ran over a dead cat. Both Evan and I screamed out, Oooooooh!, at the same time. We both thought the cat was a stuffed animal the way it bounced up after being ran over. I thought I head a little "meow, meow" during the incident, but it could have been my active imagination.

The second incident occurred when we turned away from the 100 mile route. A man was walking on the opposite side of the street in greasy pants and a t-shirt. We both said good morning to him, and he turned back to us and started making non-sensical mutterings and hand gestures. Kinda like Steve Carrell in Bruce Almighty during the TV reporter sequence. Both Evan and I were equally freaked out.

Granville is the food stop for the 52 (36 miles in) and we stopped for a sandwich. Lots of stuff going on. A Duathlon was taking place, along with a farmers market. Lunch was good, except the chairs at the restaurant were locked to the table making it near impossible to sit properly.

The ride back was a slow climb and some rollers. We had a headwind. I lead out for a while and started cramping in my calfs. Evan pulled me into the finish. We ended with 52 miles and averaged 17.5mph.


Ken said...

Policeman at the Dog Days of Summer Triathlon said I was going the wrong way when I stopped in a Granville.

Mr. Greasypants cheered me on at the split.

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