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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Millersport Corn Festival Ride Report

72 Miles
Hotter than hell
15.1mpg average
Five riders in our group

It was a little warm when we started at 9:00am. We started out late because of some snafus (forgotten front tire, sleeping in because of previous nights escapades). There are three routes covering 30, 50 and 70. We chose 70. The first part of the ride is relatively flat. After the split to the 70 mile route it turns hilly. Maximum percent grade on the climb was 13 percent. We climbed 3350 feet.

It is continuous rollers until you reach the point where the routes merge again. I want to thank the Ortman family for reopening their rest stop for us. We were running late and they had just put away the drinks and food. One little short steep climb and mostly downhill to the lake. We ate steak sandwiches (OK), corn (very good) and lemonade (refreshing).

Observation: For some reason I looked down at my odometer at 6.66 and 66.6 miles. Very weird. Did I say it was hotter than hell? Topped out at 94 degrees and there is no shade when riding through the cornfields.

Complaint: I am an experienced organized rider but I found the turn makers a little hard to read. We turned the wrong direction at the first split, hence the extra 2 miles. We missed several other turns as well. The turn markers are little two color corn with stalk and it was unclear what the direction was.

Aftermath: Tired and hungry. Took my wife to Thurman's in German Village and ate an entire Thurman Burger myself.


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