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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

09/08/08 Ride Report

Here is what I can remember of the route. Maybe I should start GPS mapping it!

Headed south on High, 11th, 12th, Cannon Dr past the Shoe. Woody Hayes, Kenny. 5th or 3rd (Can't remember), possibly Perry, Ingleside, Buttles, Thurber, Dennison, Buttles, Park, Goodale, High, Nationwide, Cleveland, Gay, 3rd, Schiller Park Stop, after that we rode around southeast of the park and swung back around on Champion and Frebis and ultimately ended at the High Beck.

17 miles roughly. Good ride.

2 wrecks - We had a man down on Thurber and a BMX down on Gay

The rent a cops at Schiller Park called in the regulars to tell us we had to leave. : (

It was nice seeing/talking to people I haven't seen in a while. Or stopped to talk to.

Oh... and there was a Ford sighting.


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