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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chicago Trip

Bike lane and rider in Chinatown, Chicago

I went to a trade show in Chicago out near O'Hare, but got the chance to drive around downtown on Tuesday evening. Couple of observations - Chicago has a Franklin Park and Schiller Park, except they are suburbs. The waterfront is really cool, we drove along Lakeshore Drive and stopped at Navy Pier for a minute. They have a bike trail that follows the waterfront for miles. Many city streets have bike lanes as well. We may be going back up in a month or two for a weekend trip so my wife can check it out. I may try to ride then.

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Anybody ride around downtown Chicago on bikes? Feedback, suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,

Nice photo and nice post...looks familiar. I ride in Chicago every day. Downtown is doable, but you have to be on your guard. There are lots of bike lanes...get a bike map from the Chicago Bicycle Federation and stay on main routes. The roads are rough, too, and not seeing a pothole ahead of time can end the ride quickly. For actual nature in downtown Chicago, hit the Lakeshore Trail along Lake Michigan. 20-some miles of nice riding, some parts crowded, but mostly pretty empty, especially during off hours.

I'm going to link to this from some of the bicycle coverage on the website I edit, unless you object? Thanks! Jody.

Columbus Rides Bikes said...


Can you email me your contact info?


Unknown said...

hey ray, i spent the summer in chicago. the lakefront is pleasant but north of museum campus is really too crowded to get to any kind of speed. i used to do a 20m loop south of the museums and then back up martin luther king drive.
my favorite distance ride to do is northwest up elston to the north branch trail and taking that up to the botanical gardens and then back again, that's around 60-70m.

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