Have you seen the OSU Bug your Bike program?

Bug Your Bike

Bicycle theft can be a problem for students. Use the latest technology to "Bug Your Bike" with a free RFID (radio frequency identification device) as part of Student Affairs Risk Assessment efforts to prevent theft. "Bugs" are available at University Security and Fire Prevention Services, 1010 Blankenship Hall. Special markings are scheduled on campus during the quarter so watch for announcements.

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  1. I'm surprised the Bug a Bike program page is still up. According to some pals in the office of Student Life, the university has discontinued the program because there really is no budget to monitor all these registered RFID chips and they've been profoundly ineffective in recovering stolen bikes. Another friend (who had his bike stolen and recovered last summer from campus) said his was the only bike, according to some cops, that the OSU police ever managed to recover. Comforting. :)


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