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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9/1/08 Report - Alternate Ride

I did not partake in the regular ride. A few of us rode out Broad to Broad and High to meet someone. We proceeded to head out west toward the hilltop. We turned right onto the path that leads out toward the wetlands. From there we rode over toward McKinley to meet Brett who left the ride. We rode back out toward the hilltop and cruised around some paths. We ended up riding through Franklinton and south toward Greenlawn. Then headed over to the High Beck. We rode a total of 24.5 miles and average over 16mph.

Wake up call - Dan and I were sitting at the intersection of Long and Nelson waiting for the light to change. I noticed that his bike was rattling around on the rack. So I jumped out to fix it. in the meantime the light changed to green for us. I looked up while I was securing the bike and a mini-van flew through the intersection going at least 40mph. If I didn't stop to fix the bike you wouldn't be reading this post.



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