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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9/22/08 Ride Report

I did not get to go to the ride. Did anyone ride it? Can they post a report?

From Duncan

I did go on the ride -- at least the first leg. Seemed like a smaller crowd than might have been expected at the Wex, considering students are back, and weather was real nice. Maybe 50, or so? -- except then when we took off, it all of a sudden seemed to balloon to 75+. Can't remember the name of the "leader" (my horrible memory for names)... used to be on OSU bike team, glasses -- but he was greeting everyone, and announcing the route to Antrim Park, then east and south. A pretty fast ride to the park, riders got strung out and dropped -- but the 2 or 3 bmx's did amazingly well. The highlight (which I only heard about) was the woman who was driving the BMW that got "corked" at Olentangy and Bethel, and got out to pull the baseball bat from her trunk. whew. Cop car showed up at park, to tell us to obey traffic laws.

I cut out back for High-Beck.

Last weekend I and a friend went up for the Tour De Troit -- a great ride on a beautiful day. 39 miles, (plus our 6 mile round trip to and from starting point) -- a giant loop around northwest quadrant of city -- through downtown, many surprisingly nice neighborhoods, then all the abandoned ones -- all with police motorcycle escort, so no having to stop for lights. Ended back at starting point and the beer-tent, bbq and tamales... yum. A little over 1,000 riders, all ages -- even parents pulling kid-buggies. I was surprised that seemed like 3/4 of the bikes were mountain-bikes! -- very few road bikes, maybe no fixies -- and 3/4's of everything was a Trek. Really no sign of anybody like the crowd.

Here's the one photo-blog I've seen:

hope alls well with you!


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