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Sunday, September 28, 2008

New light to shine from Light and Motion - UPDATED 09/29/2008

Light and Motion replaced their entire HID line of lights with LED's. The SECA 700 is brighter than the Light and Motion Arc HID which I own. 700 lumens with run time up to 5 hours depending on the battery. I would love to see this light in action. Hint hint!

The site...

I asked Light and Motion why LED over HID... Here was their response.
With LEDs we get the following advantages:
more efficient – longer burn time for the same battery
more light output in a lighter weight package
instant on/off
multiple power levels that allow a linear burn time response. ½ power runs 2x longer.
all solid state – approx 20,000 hours life on the leds vs 500 to 1000 hours on the HIDs.

requires multiple point sources to match the HID output
more complex reflector design
significant thermal management issues to overcome to insure reliable performance

Our new Seca has an all new reflector design and custom electronics that allow us to overcome the negatives.


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