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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Ride 09/28/08 Recap

I got to ride by myself, which I will probably be doing more often as the fall/winter rolls around, for this ride. I decided to follow the 50 mile Ridge Runner route which loops through Granville. There was a headwind coming out of the north that was strong enough to make me feel like I was riding in molasses. The leaves are just starting to change and it was in the mid to upper 70's. Overcast to start and then the sun came out, not too strong though, and the clouds turned into the cotton ball variety.

Mayor of Freedonia was in the house. He was stationed at his corner riding in circles. He yelled at me "to get out of here" when I said "Good Afternoon." I might have video if you ask politely.

I continued on until Granville. Still a lot of fallen trees in peoples' yards. I stopped for a cup of coffee in town. On the way out of town I was greeted by some moron in a Ford econo car. He almost hit me with his mirror and slowed to tell me, "we don't want you(r) type of people in our town." Wow! What type of person am I? White guy? Bald guy? Married guy? Coffee drinker? Did he see me stop for a cup of coffee in town? Are they against coffee drinkers in Granville? What was he against? I don't think it was the bicycle. Oh well, I guess we will never know.

Uneventful ending to my ride. Although, I did ride down Mink to East Broad and headed west. The best church name around is on East Broad out past the Limited Brands monolithic campus. It is called, "Full Armor of God Baptist Church." Enough said.

Ride details.
1:45pm start, ended 6:15pm
One man paceline
64 miles
Averaged 16.3mph
Climbed 2275 feet


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