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Sunday, October 5, 2008

22 miles to go! Follow-up

At the top of Savage Hill celebrating breaking my personal record

With Brian in Baltimore OH celebrating the big 3000 milestone.

Well... On Saturday I was pleased to pass my personal record of 2958 miles. I also broke 3000 miles for a year on the same day.

The ride.
Fall Hoot (Renegades)

The riders. Three of us.

The goods.
We couldn't get out early enough to make the start with the regulars. So we decided to head out when it became a little warmer, around 1:30PM. The route started from Bloom Carroll High School, as do many of the COP rides. We headed south through rollers, skirting Lancaster to the east. We climbed Savage Hill (where I broke my personal record), Carpenter Hill (?) and Chicken Coop. On one of the downhills we had dogs run out in front of us which was a little scary. I also topped 40mph on one of the downhills, sweet! More rollers and then into the valley to Bremen. We stopped at the Marathon gas station for some water and pretzels and hung out to BS for a while. Coming into and out of Bremen we took 664. 664 heading north of Bremen is a climb with rollers. It starts to flatten out at the northern section of the ride. We stopped in Baltimore for a photo op for my 3000th mile. Then back to Bloom for the finish. Got to celebrate with some a whole lotta Arby's.

The tech specs.
63 miles
15.2 mph average
3338 feet climbing


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