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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bontrager Seatpost Issue

I have been experiencing a ton of issues with products this year. I totally forgot about this problem until I went back to Wheeling over the weekend and received my warranty replacement. I had a Bontrager Race carbon seatpost. It started to wobble and when I checked the junction between the carbon and the aluminum head it was slipping. I pulled that one and went and bought a Performance Forté Precision Carbon Seatpost.

On the ride after installation, I was riding along when all of a sudden the head slipped and shredded the teeth embedded into the carbon. So I trashed two seatposts in two weeks. I headed back to Performance and took my credit and bought the Thomson aluminum seatpost. If I can break this seatpost, I should become a full-time product tester.

So back to my trip back to Wheeling. I stopped in to see Andy Wallen and he handed me a Race X Lite ACC seatpost. It is a carbon seatpost with an aluminum sleeve inside to reduce clamping issues. Plus, it keeps "big" people from breaking it as easily as the old product because the head is part of the aluminum sleeve. I would definitely say it is an upgrade. $30 seatpost vs. $100.

Now I am torn over whether I should swap the Thomson for the Bontrager... Hmmm, what to do?


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