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Friday, October 3, 2008

Brooks Barbican Messenger Bag

I was at coffee talk this morning. People actually showed up so I didn't need to talk to my coffee this Friday. An acquaintance was sporting a very cool bag and I commented it looked like the Brooks Barbican Messenger Bag.

In 1910 John Boultbee and his son Wilfred Mason Brooks filed two patents related to improvements in satchels, knapsacks and the like. Both these patents guaranteed more equal distribution of the load over the straps and more stability of the bag whilst cycling. With this in mind we developed our new BARBICAN Messenger Bag, featuring a shoulder belt which can be easily secured around the waist during the ride.

The belt is the innovative part of this bag. Once adjusted to the desired length, depending on the height and waist of the cyclist, the belt can be kept loose to carry the bag over or across the shoulder while walking. For increased stability during the ride, the belt can be easily fastened around the waist simply pulling the two ends of the belt and locking them at the center with the “Sam Brown” fixing.

Materials: water resistant fabric with leather finishing

Width 34 cm 43 cm
Height 30 cm 33 cm
Depth 10 cm 10 cm
Volume 12 l 15 l
Weight 1450 g 1550 g

You can order one here...


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