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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Critical Manners Ride Report

Did anyone make it to Critical Manners? I was not able to go.

This report is from Tricia Kovacs who co-organized the ride...

It went pretty well. I think we had 30+ riders. Jeff explained the purpose of the ride, and I gave about a 10 minute road rules talk. We left the statehouse around 5:50 and rode the 10 mile route in about an hour. The route was east on Broad, right on Grant, left on Town/Bryden to Alum Creek trail. We did a short loop in Bexley and then headed back downtown on Greenway and Mt. Vernon. We stopped twice to regroup at the Alum Creek trail and at Columbus State. It was getting pretty dark when we got back to the start.

Here were some of the highlights from my perspective:

It was very nice to meet some of the members of CB that I only knew from their user names.
Seeing NotKilledYet's (Brent) light setup. Quite a sight.
Getting rid of half of the Street Smarts in my pannier.
Seeing Lisa's 6 speed Ross, which she rode on CFC.
David saw a cruiser with 3 or 4 police officers who smiled and waved at us at Grant & Town.
Several cyclists hadn't ridden downtown before and said they really enjoyed it.
The swaying side to side of the bridge over Alum Creek. I never experienced that before, but I've never ridden over it with 30 cyclists before.
I ran a stop sign turning right off Westland onto Fair. I got called on it!
The neighborly greetings from residents on Mt. Vernon. Some young men telling us to vote Obama, very young kids cheering us on, a couple women at a red light commenting on the wonderful weather for a ride and an older gentleman on his porch also cheering for us. I was honking my Honka Hooter horn for all the kids we rode by.
If I remember correctly, the only question I was asked was which hand signal to use for right turns. I use either one, depending on which one I think others can see better.



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