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Monday, October 6, 2008

Cycling and Politics? They do mix... is a 50-day bicycle adventure and journalistic endeavor to increase issue awareness during the final months of the 2008 presidential election. My route will begin in New York City on September 14th and will take me through a dozen states before ending in New Orleans a few days before the election.

While on the road I will be meeting with Americans from a variety of backgrounds, interviewing potential voters and discussing the issues that matter to them. My goal is to successfully profile “50 Voters in 50 Days” in order to discover the issues that determine their vote. has no political agenda, and will remain non-partisan and unbiased. We are here to facilitate the expression of voter concerns, not advocate for a candidate. To accomplish these goals,’s multimedia platform will engage visitors of all ages, backgrounds and political affiliations in the discussion about our next President and his responsibility to address our issues.

This journey is ultimately about connecting with Americans from all walks of life. I look forward to hearing from you, both in person and on the road, and through the website. Please contact us with any questions at


Tim Foley

Here is the site...


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