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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Is it time for change in Columbus? The City wants us to revise the Traffic Code UPDATED


This group has, at some point, expressed willingness to review
Columbus' draft updates to the Traffic Code as it pertains to bicycle
operation. I have also added a few of my long-time contacts that might
be interested in this process. (please feel free to identify other
persons that might want to help)

The process:

An invited/appointed stakeholder group has met twice in the last 6
weeks to provide input & guidance to City Staff in their preparation
of a set of draft updates to the Traffic Code. Our stakeholder group
expects to receive the draft updates at a meeting tomorrow (Wed.)

Quick turnaround expected:

The City has set a tentative feedback deadline for the draft updates
of next Friday (Oct 31)…which means I would need to gather your
feedback a day prior to compile and present.

So…I'm asking you to "standby" and look for me to forward the draft
Code updates to you by the end of this week for your

On behalf of both my roles with Consider Biking and the Columbus
Transportation & Pedestrian Commission, I thank you for your
willingness to ensure Columbus adopts the most progressive Traffic
Code regarding bicycles in the country. I value the feedback from this

Jeff Stephens, Executive Director

ed. note - It was requested that the initial versions of the changes are not public "ready." There will be public hearings on the changes and I will keep everybody up to date.


Yokota Fritz said...

What are you guys using as model traffic codes? Is there opportunity to modify zoning/ building codes also (which I believe is far more important)?

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