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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/13/08 Ride Report

Quick report. More to follow...

Roughly 20 miles for our small group, see below. 28 miles overall.
Full moon
Date was the 13th
Two words: broken frame. Two more words: Not mine.

We rode east from the start and headed through campus into Grandview. Of course we wandered through the neighborhoods like we did two weeks ago and then headed south. I think we did a figure eight because we headed south then west and headed up Grandview Ave climbing the hill. Then east again towards High St. We stopped in Goodale Park for a bit to hang out. We headed east again. We were on East 1st Street when I heard a ping, like when a rock shoots out of the tire and hits the frame of a bike close by. Except, it was the frame that pinged and snapped in half at the down tube. Completely separated. A beer can and some duct tape actually held the frame together for the next ten miles. We rode down towards town on St Clair and then over to Cleveland, Gay into town and then over into Franklinton. We rode towards the Cooper Stadium and then our group stopped and turned around over the concern of the frame. We still hit 29.5 mph as we came across Greenlawn.


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