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Monday, October 13, 2008

MonkeyLectric Monkey Light

The MonkeyLectric Monkey Light is a revolutionary bike light that keeps you visible - and in style. Its ruggedized all-weather design is perfect for daily commuters, urban cyclists, casual evening riders, BMX, festivals - anyone that wants to be visible after dark and not feel like a second class citizen.

The Monkey Light creates full color graphics on your spinning bike wheel, and it provides outstanding visibility. The lighting effects and colors can be easily customized anytime to fit your style - mellow to extreme.

The Monkey Light sets a new standard for bike lighting with brightness, visual quality, effects sophistication, user control and durability that far exceed what has previously been available. It installs in minutes on Road, City, Cruiser, Mountain and BMX bikes.

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Anonymous said...

Monkey Lights are not good! They are not waterproof and the batteries and electrical contacts are exposed to the elements ( RUST ANYONE ? )

Plus, there is no way of coordinating the signals like there is on Hokey Spokes ( so if you put two on one wheel to balance the wheel, the images are out of sync and it looks terrible.

Attaching them to your wheel is also a problem. They use plastic tie-downs and you have to clip them and buy new ones whenever you want to take them off to replace the batteries (which is every 30 hours, unlike Hokey Spokes that will last 50 hours).

My choice is Hokey Spokes for bicycle safety lights on your wheels!

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