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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Ride 10/05/08 Recap

Last year I met a bunch of riders through my boss and rode a good bit with them. Then I started riding on other rides and met a whole bunch of different people who I ride with. So I got an email from Bob who organizes rides from his condo in Canal Winchester. Bob is an amazing rider and navigator. If he says 50 mile ride he means it. He picks out the roads from his memory and plots a course and is almost dead on with mileage. I haven't ridden with Bob and the rest of group for months since an aborted attempt to ride to Granville.

Tricia, David, Barb, Marvin, Bob and I rode out south from Canal. We headed southeast and lo and behold rode into and through Bloom past Bloom Carroll HS. Ah, the memories. From yesterday. We followed the Fall Hoot route for a while and then split off and followed the Millersport Corn Fest route north. Then as we got closer to Millersport we followed our own route. We stopped in Millersport for lunch at the Upper Deck Coffee House. Food was ok, I had the rueben. We left town following the Corn Fest route and then headed east on Stemen and turned south on Allen. Basil Western brought us further west to Canal and we wound through town to Bob's place. Good recovery ride.

52 miles
13.3mph average
1000 feet climbing


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