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Thursday, October 2, 2008

WCRS Mapping Project

WCRS Folks,

I am going to do a little project to map out where our station and signal can be heard geographically after Marilyn told me yesterday that she could hear WCRS as far west as Mile 85 on I-70 west of town near West Jefferson! And also others reporting in northern Powell and on Brice Road and I-70, all of which are outside of our expected range.

So, if you have heard us before, please say where. Please be exact as possible, don't say "oh in my car on the east side." Addresses would be best, but to maintain some privacy an intersection or more specific place would work too.

For example for myself,
2929 N. High St.
95 E. 1st Ave
26 E. Blake Ave.
W. 1st Ave and Park St
Goodale Park
Kenworth Rd

Anyway, please tell me and I will make a useful, telling, and fun map of this.

Send your locations to zachhenkel [at]



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