Bicycling and Drinking? Meet PedalPub - in three countries

Contender #1 from Holland

The Fietscafe is a mobile pub, for groups up to 17 people per bike, who can transport themselves by moving the pedals. Not all guests do have to cycle; the Fietscafe® is provided with 10 freewheels, so you can change seats from time to time. You need a sober driver and of course, the best bartender looks after the beer and drinks.The Fietscafe's can be used for all events and success is always guaranteed.

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Contender #2 from England

Comfortable serving bar table with ample space for 1 or 2 bar servers.
Dimmable mood lighting.
Single tap for cold draught beer and the accompanying equipment.
Fully waterproofed for interior and exterior use.
Optional integrated sound system.
24 hour help line during the hire period.
Full explanation of all aspects of the artnouveau bar during installation.

Everything needed for cold draught beer, optional drinks chiller
4 point mains power sockets.
Quick user guide to remind youreslf of the keg changing process as detailed at time of delivery

Maximum width 2m
Bar Height 1m
Maximum depth 0.65m
maximum height 2.05m
4 pints per minute beer flow
20 - 120 watts illumination

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And finally, the US Contender

Rent the PedalPub for team building, company parties, parades, tailgating, singles mixers, conventions, and more!

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