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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the Choprical Fish

Completed in summer of 2007, the Choprical Fish is a fully custom human-powered 6-speaker performance bike based on the Soul Cycle Convertible Chopper frameset designed by Fossil Fool and welded by Curtis Inglis.

Key features:

- Human powered sound system. Party goers and audience members take turns on the bike while it is used as a Dj / performance system. Pedaling the bike at full audio power with all lights turned on feels like climbing an easy hill on a regular bike.

- Integrated 4-channel mixer with inputs for guitar, mic, and iPod.

- Integrated Shure wireless microphone

- Integrated Shure wireless transmitter

- 400 watt AMP 9 digital amplifier from

- Two power sources: rechargeable Li-Ion battery and "off the grid" human power mode.

- Twin 9" Morel Elate SW subwoofers. The subwoofers have Neodymium rare earth magnets, that are stronger and lighter than traditional ceramic magnets, saving about 8 pounds over similarly powerful ceramic magnet subwoofers.

- 5" Morel Integra Ovation 'point source' speakers for mid-range and high frequencies.

- Custom Fossil Fool mid-range / tweeter rotatable monitors with integrated headlights.

- Front control panel includes switches for 3 separate light sources, transmitter, and amp, overall volume knob, bass/treble knob, and inset iPod mount.

- Custom made passenger seat, footrests, and backrest

- Patent-pending combination footrest / kickstand


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