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Sunday, November 16, 2008


After a several year hiatus, the Ibis Hakkal├╝gi cyclocross frame returns in all of its throat-clearing phlegmatic glory. This time around, we’ve added a few things and subtracted a few things.
We’ve subtracted a lot of weight by making the frame out of carbon fiber. For you purists out there, sorry. For you weight weenies out there, you’re welcome. We used to say “Steel is real”. Now we say “Steel is real…heavy”.
Geometry is classic cross. We’ve designed the frame around and mated it to a nice lightweight Easton EC90 X Cross fork.
Canti mounts are back AND so is the hand job cable stop, after a many year vacation from duty.

The ‘Lugi also features strong and svelte compression molded carbon dropouts not too unlike those found on the Silk SL.
A carbon fiber seat tube insert and some judicious carbon fiber layout ends up with a theoretical sub 1000g frame weight.
We’re just finalizing a few things with our prototypes and will have specifics on weight and deliver dates as soon as we can.
We’re particularly excited about the way this thing looks. The lion on the seat tube comes from the icon of the Flemish flag. We’re pretty sure you know this, but the Flemish people (the Phlegms?) live in a region of Belgium called Flanders and they are known for their cycling prowess - especially for their success in cyclocross racing. So as an homage that that, the color of the frame is called Phlegmish Yellow.

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