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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Adventure Ride Ride Recap

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We had five people show, including myself. Brett Allen led the ride, Duncan showed up (hadn't seen him for a while), and we had two new people, Morgen and Andy. None of the usual suspects showed for one reason or another. Because Morgen and Andy were not seasoned veterans we chose to play it by ear. We headed north and rode UP Walhalla, then south on Indianola (Studio 35 - which by the way was running Rocky Horror). We wound our way through the neighborhoods over to Joyce. At American Addition we realized that Woodford Ave does not connect through to Woodland as Google Maps would indicate. We passed Ohio Dominican and then hit the 670 Bike path over to Fort Hayes. For as long as I have been riding around Columbus I never ventured into Fort Hayes. The rehabbed buildings are nice. We shot out on Cleveland and passed Columbus State. Thurber House was next and then the Health Department building. We rode past several haunted locations in German Village and then hit Greenlawn to Berliner. We rode the path, about 4 miles roundtrip. Several trees are still down on the path. Next stop, Greenlawn Abbey.

Much to my surprise the Abby was lit up and open. Much to my dismay though, the people holding the event would not let us peek inside. Then we headed up into Franklinton and headed over to the Por Vida event at Junctionview Studios. 30 miles total. We did not make it to any of the cemeteries. Maybe some other ride.

The event had a decent size crowd. We wandered around, drank a PBR and headed into town for some food. High Beck had a private event packing the place, so we headed to the Tip Top.

I had 40 miles total for the ride.

I want to thank Brett for leading. Morgen and Andy were real troopers since this was their longest ride ever. I hope they join us again in the future.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Ray, Brett and Duncan for showing us a great first ride through Columbus, we can't wait for more. And Andy just bought a road bike, so we'll be getting lots of practice.

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