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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/03/08 Ride Report

There were about 40 people at the start. Regular leaders were nowhere to be found. Casey was probably at a bar. Zach has been MIA for months. Jonny and I stepped up to the task and led. We headed through campus and went south on Neil. On 5th we turned west and rode out to McKinley. We made a stop at the Mound and hung out for a little bit. Then south on McKinley until we reached Central. Central due south to Mound (recurring theme) and we stopped at Cooper Stadium. We did some loop de loops around the parking lot and hung out for a few minutes. Then south on Mound to Harmon. Onto Greenlawn and then High straight to the High Beck. Over the course of the ride we lost about half of the riders. I think as the ride progressed the temperature dropped from 58 to low 40's as we headed away from downtown. 14 miles total.


Mike and Heather said...

Can I get in on some of these rides?

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