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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/10/08 Ride Report

Cold and clear. It was moony out. Very bright. 33 degrees to start. We had about 20 people, including Casey at the start. Evan wanted to lead so we headed south. For some reason, whether by choice (some went to bike polo), or just missing the fact that people left the launch pad we lost half the group before the turn at 12th? We crossed Summit and 4th and went south to 5th. We then proceeded due east as far as possible to Hamilton. Left onto Hamilton and then left onto Sawyer. Sawyer is a connector road that takes you to the airport terminal from the east. It also is a rollercoaster ride underneath the runway connectors. We stopped to debate if we should ride through the terminal, nixed it and headed west. We turned onto E 17th street (although that may not be the name now with the road realignment) and popped out on Johnstown and then onto Cassady. Cassady to Airport. Airport down to Nelson. We rode Broad up to Franklin Park and rode into the park and out onto Fair. We popped out on Oak after meandering through the neighborhood and headed into town. After riding around the construction at the Mall we ended at the High Beck. No breakdowns.
Temps dropped to 28 out of city. I recommend a scarf or balaclava, and good gloves. I was ribbed for wearing all spandex and booties as well, but I was warm.

9 people completed the ride.
20 miles total. Average posted later...
I did a pre-ride warmup and ride back to the car gave me 33 miles.


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