Oh Wiki your so fine! Track Bike Disassembly

How to Take Apart a Track Bicycle

Riding a bicycle is an increasingly popular activity for recreational as well as practical purposes. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove, replace, or clean certain parts of the bike.

A track bicycle is a type of bicycle (ridden with a single, often fixed gear) that is popular in urban areas for its simplicity, maneuverability, ease of maintenance and its style. In this article the maintenance and disassembly of such a bicycle will be discussed.

For the sake of convenience, this article assumes the bike in question has a fixed gear. This project is best done in a clean space, with a clean floor, as items with grease tend to pick up dirt and debris. This project can be done by anyone with the required tools, a bit of strength (for certain parts) and an interest in bicycle maintenance. This project may take anywhere from an hour to a day to complete, depending on your level of caution and familiarity with the parts.

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