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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Cold Weather Ride Report - 11-16-2008

I didn't know what to expect when I sent out the request for fellow riders on a cold and windy day. The people I thought would show did not and someone who I hadn't talked to in a while popped up. The usual suspects were nowhere to be found (sleeping, went out?, homework), but Brett showed up (called me twice as well to make sure I was riding).

I rode in from Blacklick on Broad. There was a 18-25mph headwind blowing out of the west. And the temperature was about 35 degrees. It was a chore to keep the pace above 15mph. I met Brett at High and Broad and we proceeded due west on Broad all the way out to the I-270 beltway where we triumphantly turned around and felt like the temperature had risen ten degrees and the molasses stopped flowing on the streets.

We rode down the hill into Franklinton and Brett was sporting his fixie wheel setup so it was a little frightful watching him ride down that fast. He does have brakes on the bike though. We turned right on Central and then onto Sullivant up to Ryan to find the long lost and missed (from the Cemetery Ride) Feebleminded Cemetery. It is on the Columbus Developmental Center property and there is a path that leads up to it from Sullivant. As Brett pointed out, if someone stopped to ask what we were doing, we should say we are visiting relatives, Ha! He said it.

We rode back to Central then over to Mound and South to Greenlawn (with the tailwind). High St. up to Livingston and we wound our way through the streets to Cleveland and Long. Brett headed north, I headed east. Hit Broad Street off Monypenny. At the intersection of Nelson and Broad I proceeded through the intersection and was welcomed with a honk and "I will run your ass over" comment because I held up someone turning left onto Nelson.

Rode Broad St. home without anymore incidents. Had the tailwind too.

40 miles total
averaged 15mph.


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