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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A tear has formed in my eye. I am a little sad today.

I love Klein bicycles. I lusted after them in catalogs in the 80's and 90's. My wife calls it "bike porn." When I got a job after college and I could afford a nicer bike I purchased a low end Klein Pulse Comp which I rode around Wheeling, WV. It is for sale at Wheelcraft Bicycles in Wheeling because I traded it in on a bike for my wife. When I was at TRM Cycles in Pittsburgh in late 1997 I saw the Klein Mantra at a great price and purchased it. I rode my first Seagull Century on the Mantra with skinny tires. I still have it and it is hanging in my basement waiting/wanting to be resurrected. Could be this weekend's project. In 2003, I purchased a Klein Q-Carbon Race. Aluminum and carbon with chameleon paint job. The cool thing about Klein paint jobs is there are no stickers. They remove the stickers during the multi-layer painting process. Almost every Klein frame I have seen has internal cable routing as well. Very cool. My bikes are here...

The reason why I am sad is this is the end of the line for Klein. Their website no longer works. : ( They have been rumored to be closing for the last few years. Damn you Trek.


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