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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

B O N E S H A K E R: A Bicycling Almanac

The editors of Boneshaker believe that the bicycle, when conceived of and used appropriately, can become a tool for social change and community building. And though bicycling has become, for better or worse, an activity tied to radical undertones and bohemian implications, we are less interested in those types of categorizations and more so with simply riding bicycles to get where we are going.

This almanac is, therefore, a collective ode to the ride itself, that fundamentally lonesome experience one has in the saddle, and the results of repeating that ride over and over in different directions on different days with different destinations in each instance. Boneshaker is not, however, anti-car; it’s just thoroughly pro-bike in heart and mind.

With interviews of respected members of the bicycling community, as well as profiles of bike-related grassroots organizations and individuals, not to mention essays, graphs, lists, letters, and stories, Bonesheker attempts to shine light on utilitarian bicycling.

Modeled loosely after the War Department’s 1941 Soldier’s Basic Field Manual, Boneshaker fashions itself to be the practical bicyclist’s periodical-style handbook.

Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac is published two and a half times a year by WFP with the intent of providing relevant, interesting, and useful considerations of bicycle commuting. Geared towards anyone even remotely interested in going by bike, the pocket-sized collection gathers news, information, facts, figures, and fictions for the common cyclist.

Boneshaker is available for $5, at bookstores, online, bike shops, and cafes in various parts of the country, or via subscription, and always, by asking the editors nicely.


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