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Monday, December 8, 2008

Children's Services Bike Program - From The Dispatch

Ann Fisher commentary: Mom puts bikes under tree for Children Services kids

Monday, December 8, 2008 3:02 AM

Kate Koch Gatch, with husband Brian Gatch and adopted daughter Lainey, emptied a Walmart store of kids' bikes to give to Franklin County Children Services -- an item usually beyond reach for foster children.

She must have been a sight -- a sight for sore eyes at a time when so many have less to give.
By the time Kate Koch Gatch had lined up the 26 bikes and 26 safety helmets at the front door of the Walmart on Nov. 29, store employees and other shoppers couldn't help but notice.

When they learned that she had just purchased the fleet for Franklin County foster kids, "The whole store kind of stopped," Gatch told me. "It was kind of magical. Perfect strangers came up and shook my hand."

As soon as store manager Ken Wright heard that she was raiding his bike department, he offered a free helmet for every bike she purchased that day. That meant she could buy even more bicycles.



Anonymous said...

I'm the bike lady. We've delivered over 50 bikes to FCCS this week with the help of my college-age nephew (who road in Ragbrai two years ago on a bet!). I'm not a cyclist but think that every kid should have a new bike at least once in their life. Since Ann's column ran last Monday, I've received donations in the mail and offers of more bikes from individuals and organizations. I'm hopeful that we might top 100 bikes before Christmas morning. If you want to get involved, donate a new bike, chip in $5 towards a bike...anything, let me know. I'm at Thanks!!

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