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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Columbus' own Jen Duane highlighted in Venus Zine

Jen Duane, 28
Columbus, Ohio

Occupation: Engineer at an environmental consulting firm and also a student of art and dance
Bike-friendly: “I volunteer as co-chair for Consider Biking, a Columbus-based nonprofit bike advocacy group.”
Make of bike: Trek Elance
Customized? “Every 4th of July, Columbus hosts a ‘Doo Dah Parade,’” a 25-year-old pastime that celebrates lunacy and liberty by encouraging absurd costumes and political spoofs. “This year Consider Biking, my bike advocacy group, went with the theme ‘alternative fuel.’ People wore T-shirts with images of food or hung beer cans on their handlebars to demonstrate what fueled them to ride their bikes. I decorated my bike based on the scraper-style bike originating from San Francisco. The scraper bike normally involves intricately wrapping foil around the spokes of the wheels but has evolved to involve colorful bits of paper or fabric.”
Best place for bikes and people in Columbus? “Tip Top! It’s a bar and restaurant that’s got mad Ohio spirit. It offers a ‘two-wheel discount’ ($1 PBRs) and features a bike-powered film series.” (

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Jen said...

Cool, I didn't realize they posted a web version as well.

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