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Monday, December 1, 2008

Honjo Fenders available at Velo Orange

Honjo-Koken, Tokyo makes the very best fenders in the world. They are a stunning reproduction of classic French aluminum fenders, but with better quality control and workmanship. The 43mm width is the most popular, but we also stock the 35mm and 45mm widths. They are available in smooth, fluted, and hammered finish.

Velo Orange, VO, brand fenders are a less expensive, but still very high quality, alternative to Honjos. The main difference is that VO aluminum fenders are not polished, but have a matte finish.

Both Honjo and VO fenders are lighter and provide far more spray protection than equivalent plastic fenders. All our fenders are sold as pairs only and include hardware and stays.

The site is here...


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