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Monday, December 15, 2008

How to steal your own bike in Columbus, OH

I was invited out to Bar Louie to celebrate Tania's birthday. I drove into town and headed over to the restaurant. I inadvertently walked in on a private party for members of the police force and sat down. This becomes important later on. So Jonny and Brian show up a little later. They rode down on their bikes and locked them up outside. Of course we were unceremoniously asked to leave the private party.

We ate dinner, drank and hung out. Fun times. Jonny and Brian decide to leave around 8:30 and headed out the door. A minute later Brian walks in with half a key for the bike lock. The tumbler decided to fight unfairly and chewed the key in half. So, the dilemma. Two bikes locked to the post out front with a non-functioning lock. What to do?

By the time they thought about buying bolt cutters it was already 8:50. Not going to happen. We considered driving to my house and getting a sawzall. We talked about asking the police upstairs. Brian yells up to some guy who is trying to hit on a woman and he gets snubbed. Brian calls the police. They claim not to carry anything in their vehicles that would cut a lock.

So Carolina is sitting at the table and she suggests calling one of the hotels and ask if they have one. Brian and Jonny walk over to two hotels without luck. In the meantime Carolina called one of her friends at Crown Plaza hotel. They would trade us the bolt cutters. For dessert. So Carolina buys dessert from Bar Louie and heads over for the trade.

While Jonny and Brian are cutting their bike lock out front of the restaurant the police party starts to break up. They literally laughed at Brian and Jonny as they were cutting the lock. So much for the police questioning bike thefts.

After the bikes were liberated Carolina wanted to ride Brian's fixie coastie coaster brake bike. On her return trip to the restaurant she fell over off the bike.

Thanks Carolina for saving the day and allowing us to steal our own bikes.


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