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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Super Micro Bike

At our passion is bicycles and we enjoy what we do. Our bikes were originally designed for racing, but our ultimate goal is to produce a bike that is safe on city streets and country roads. See our “New Developments” section below. SuperMicroBike is owned and operated by Jeffrey-James who has been riding bike since age five.

A simultaneous goal is to provide the opportunity for anyone to reduce their impact footprint on the world. The average American throws over 600 lbs of pollutants into the air each year driving an automobile. Combined, cars, SUV’s and light trucks contribute more than 300 million tons of carbon dioxide (the dominant greenhouse gas) each year to the atmosphere. Here at Super Micro Bike, we encourage commuting and everyday travel by bike rather than motorized vehicle to reduce your overall impact. We also are minimizing our manufacturing impact by using environmentally friendly materials and processes as well as recycled materials whenever feasible.

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