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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want to bike the Most Dangerous Road?

Mountain Biking Down The World's Most Dangerous Road.

Quite deservedly, this mountain bike ride is our most popular and World famous. Featured in more than 60 magazine and newspaper articles, (as well as six television shows and on the lips and Blogs of almost every backpacker and adventure traveler in South America), this ride is not only famous, but so is GRAVITY!.

CUT TO THE CHASE: Show me the photo slideshow of The World's Most Dangerous Road!!!

The previews you've all been looking for...

The Gravity Video Disco Mix: The World's Most Dangerous Road in 3 minutes 15 seconds. Download it here (it's 64 meg, so it will take a while) by right clicking HERE and choosing 'save as'.
The Gravity BEST OF WMDR Photo Gallery. Take a moment to check out a slide show of our photos HERE.
Check it out today so you know what you are getting yourself in for when you do our world-famous ride... Or if you have already done it tell your friends and relatives to check these out so they can see what you survived!! If you were brave enough to do the ride... are you now brave enough to let mum see what you did?!?!

Gravity and the World's Most Dangerous Road: AS SEEN ON TV:- ABC's Nightline features Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking... check it out on YouTube here!
Please Note: The dates of December 10, 2007 until March 1, 2008 are rainy season in Bolivia, and we do NOT encourage people to do The World's Most Dangerous Road ride during this time. To put it simply, we believe the risks are slightly higher, and that the experience is not as enjoyable due to the very high probability of thick cloud, torrential rain during most of the day, freezing snow at the top, tons of mud, etc. However, if you absolutely MUST do it, then for those exact reasons, Gravity has set up a super-duper, reinforced, masochists-only package for the rainy season to minimize risk and improve comfort and safety.

This rainy season package has a whole lot of very important extras to deal with the frequently brutal conditions, to make it safer, and to make it as comfortable and fun as possible. These extras include more warm clothing and wet weather gear, kits for the support vehicles to deal with landslides, more guides, smaller groups, etc., etc. There’s even a SPECIAL-EDITION FREE T-SHIRT to show how crazy you are. This, plus the destruction to the bikes in these conditions and the extra maintenance needed, is why the cost is nominally higher than during the normal season. Click here to check out the Rainy Season schedule and find a trip that still has space.

During the normal season we are happy to have all levels of riders on the ride; over the rainy season, however, we discourage anyone who is nervous, scared, unfit or a beginner. It is going to be tougher than ever, rougher and scarier, and the group cannot spend too much time hanging around for really slow people (they’ll freeze and get hypothermia while they’re waiting!), so slow riders will be put in the bus for some sections to save the rest of the group.

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