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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Foes Racing Power Clamp Bicycle Stand

Foes Racing introduces the first automatic bike work stand, and the last and best work stand you’ll ever buy! The Power Clamp is a pneumatically-driven, self-adjusting service stand that allows you to lift the bicycle with both hands and correct posture while securing it with just a tap of the toe. Another tap of the toe releases it just as easily! No more struggling to lift and lock the bike simultaneously with both hands - the Power Clamp saves your aching back from wrestling with bicycles all day long. The fully adjustable clamping pressure allows you to safely secure any bike made from any material. The Power Clamp is the first serious service stand for the professional - made from the finest materials, it is designed to last a lifetime.

2 heavy duty CNC’d aluminum clamping collars easily secure the bicycle
Fully adjustable: rise and fall, and 360° bike rotation
Works with any compressor
Additional pneumatic ports for tire pump or blow gun
Clamping pressure completely adjustable with on-board regulator
Clamping handles adjust orientation for best leverage position
All steel main structures are powder coated and black oxide coated for resistance to chemicals and climate
Dual-head stand for 2 bikes is available
4 mounting options:
1) Your existing steel bike stand base plate,
2) concrete floor,
3) Work bench version (shorter), and
4) Race Team base - allows the stand to be used on uneven ground

We won't even discuss the pricing!

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