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Friday, January 2, 2009

Got Carbon? Need Torque Wrench

The GiustaForza "Correct Force" Professional Torque Wrench (color: red) is the first bicycle torque wrench, designed to allow a safe use of lightweight parts.

Note: Always return the torque setting back to 2 Nm when not in use to ensure long-term accuracy.

Extremely User-Friendly
Ideal Torque Range, 2-16 Nm
Graduated scale with 0.5 Nm increments
16 bits included
Bits: S2 special steel, with very high (62 Hrc) surface hardness
Body: Anodized aluminum - Red
Adjustment knob: Steel
Bit-holder: Steel
Weight 169g
Professional precision: +/-4% guaranteed for 5,000 clicks (torque applications)
Unique serial number
Case: Molded Travel Case
Recalibration: The 1st recalibration is included with the PRO (color: red) version
Made in Italy

It is a little pricy at $250, but crack a carbon bar and see where that leaves you...

Manufacturer website...


Unknown said...

One might ask "why" to carbon bars first?

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