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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Own a Belt? Own a U-lock? Why not a Lock Holster then...

This is simple. The first U-Lock Holster, designed to slide onto your own belt. Strategically place it to skip certain loops on your pants and stop blowing out your back pocket. Lock Holsters come standard in grey and are made from seat belts pulled from junk yards. The color may vary a little bit due to what we can find. These are usually made each week so please allow up to 1.5 weeks for us to ship it out. Thanks!

If you need something bigger please feel free to email us at with size specs. Also, we do have other colors available, grey is the most consistent to stock but if you want something else, just email us.

Carrie Collins founded Fabric Horse in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2003. It began as a name for the things she created in her spare time while studying Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. Since then, FH has relocated to Philadelphia where it has grown into one of the city's most vibrant small businesses, hand sewing utility belts, fancy fannies, spats, bags, costumes and everything in between. Carrie grew the company for the next three years steadily, by working herself silly and sewing in her sleep.

In 2006, Mary Casper hopped on board in an attempt to escape a desk job. It worked! After interning with the company for several months, Mary became Carrie's first employee and has been an amazing addition. Not only does she stitch prodigiously, but she is also a veritable designer and the beautiful brains behind the FH Blog. Mary's contribution gave Carrie more time and energy to dream up new things and steer Fabric Horse toward bigger and brighter horizons. Mary's own background in sociology and writing, together with Carrie's flamboyant ideas and penchant for the fantastical has made FH what it is today: Philadelphia's premier outfit for utilitarian goods and costumes for urban life.

As a company, Fabric Horse aims to preserve the ritual of the handmade and by that token, all Fabric Horse products are designed and sewn by the two of us in our studio in Philadelphia's Chinatown. Each piece is made for you from scratch by a single pair of hands. As an environmentally and socially conscious company, all products are constructed from scavenged, reused, recycled, or environmentally friendly fabrics. Sometimes these materials are combined with exciting vinyls and upholstery for even more of that FH flare you know you love, in products you never dreamed possible. Fabric Horse remains committed to bringing you fresh designs that help you do what you do best and look good while doing it.

The design aesthetic of our small company is constantly changing, inspired by the streets we ride everyday and by the people of our fair Philadelphia. Fabric Horse owes much of its success and continued support to the bicycle community, which fuels our work day in, day out. Mary and Carrie commute most days on two wheels and conduct FH business entirely by bicycle. FH will never outsource its labor overseas and FH products will never be for sale in a mall. This is a promise.

Fabric Horse is a small operation, but don't let that fool you. Sometimes Mary comes in to work and asks Carrie, "So, what are we going to do today?"

To which Carrie always responds, with one eyebrow raised, "What we do everyday, Mary. Take over the world!"

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