SINGLE SPEED Coaster Brake Bike

Sizes are 52cm (inseam 31" ht. 5' 6'; 54cm (inseam 32" ht 5' 8"); and 56cm (inseam 33" ht 5' 10"). The price is $595 plus $40 shipping. You may also purchase an optional front brake for $38. The brake must be purchased with a bike and will come inserted into the same box as the bike. Bikes can only be shipped to the 48 continental states. For more information on front brake point mouse

The Osobike is equipped with a Shimano coaster brake which is easy to use and almost maintenance free. This brake is intended for use on fairly flat terrain with occasional small hills. If you are intending to go down a lot of long downgrades that require frequent or constant braking for extended periods of time, you should purchase a bike with caliper brakes because in these situations, a coaster brake may overheat and seize or fail. Having said this, in all my years of riding bikes with coaster brakes, I have never had one fail.
The Osobike requires the rider to be in a slight leaning position. This has several advantages including less wind resistance, better leverage on the pedals and an arched back. An arched back forms a bridge and is less susceptible to being racked when going over bumps. However, if you are used to riding a bike in the upright position, riding in the leaning position may take a little getting used to.
If you are not satisfied with your Osobike please return within thirty days in good condition in original packing for a full refund less shipping. You will be required to pay return shipping costs. If you have any problems or questions, call Shane at 956 645 5813.

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  1. um, if it has a COASTER brake, then it can't be a FIXED gear.


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